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“I've been with eBoundHost for several years now.  I do not have the technical skills to manage a server, buy I never have to worry.  eBoundHost team is second to none, and go above and beyond traditional support services.  I highly recommend them.

Daniel Roopnarine
Director, WebPowerUp.com

“I have been using eBoundHost for all my company needs for the last decade and couldn’t be happier with their service and expertise. They’ve surpassed all of my expectations and customer service needs!”

Goran Paunovic
Founder, Artversion

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2.  Our Magento Team will create a copy of YOUR STORE and launch it live on our servers with a test domain.


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1.  Fill out the form and we'll set up a free preview for you.

3.  Once YOUR COPY is online, you will have 7 days to review the comparison report and use the site.  

Your Magento site requires a lot of resources.  To get grades like this, you need a hosting platform that can pass the test.  We've studied day and night so when it comes down to the final exam, we ace it.

With SSD disk only RAID arrays and our Magento Optimized Platform, website traffic is routed through our global network which is powered by 26 data centers around the world.  Our system automatically caches your files at our edge nodes so those files are stored closer to your visitors.  The result is that your website, on average, loads twice as fast for your visitors.  The faster your site is, the more profitable it becomes.  Each client also has their own Dedicated Magento Success Specialist who is only a phone call away.

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How much faster will your Magento site perform?

eBoundHost customers have experienced anywhere from 2X to 11.5X faster load times on our Magento Optimized Platform.  Watch the side by side load tests and see live examples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will you create a copy of my Magento site?

You can provide us with access to a backup copy of your site and database via ftp or any other way that is convenient for you.  If you prefer the hands off approach, we can log into your current account and create the back up for you and place it dierectly on our server.

Q: Can I create the comparison site by myself?

Sure.  We'll be more than happy to provide you with a test account so you can prepare the comparison site on your own.  We will still be there for you if you need any assistance.  Our support department will answer your call in under 10 seconds, 24/7/365.

Q: How do you benchmark the loading times since the test site does not get any traffic?

To benchmark the loading times on the test server, we will simulate the HTTP requests generated by as many simultaneous users as you currently have visiting your live site.  We will also test the web server performance under normal and under excessive loads to ensure that critical information and services are available at speeds you expect.

Q: Will this test affect my current site?

Not at all.

Q: What happens after my trial is over?

Your test site will be removed from our server unless you decide that you want to stay with us.  We make it easy.  You simply choose the plan that works best for you and we'll help you migrate your live site over to our platform.

Q: Are there any fees, is there a contract?

No, we do not charge any fees.  Our service is offered on a month-to-month basis.  There are no contracts to sign and you can cancel at any time.

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